Tuesday, April 9, 2013

20.0.1: A Firefox Chemspill Odyssey We're Not Releasing

As strains of Strauss play and HAL murders spacemen and men dressed as apes fling bones that turn into spaceships in geosynchronous orbit, Mozilla is chemspilling 20.0.1 for two Windows-specific bugs that do not appear to be issues for us. Therefore, we will not open the pod bay doors release a 20.0.1. If you know differently, please advise. Mind the explosive bolts.

Meanwhile, the port of 21 has begun, and I'm about 50% done with the IonMonkey macroassembler. More about this later.

And pay no attention to that big black monolith. It's just a Macintosh TV turned upside down and buried.


  1. The only thing I know differently is that it's Strauss, not Wagner.

  2. Great. Now I can't get the Blue Danube out of my head. I just turned into a giant foetus, floating in space, looking at the Earth in disgust.

  3. open the pod bay doors........HAL!

  4. Speaking of 2001, somebody made some amazing 3D models and scripts for Celestia (which runs on PPC Mac), nearly every space scene from the movie reproduced in incredible detail - right down to the floating pen on the moon shuttle and the instructions for the zero gravity toilet. Check it out: http://celestiasws.free.fr/

  5. Here's Arthur C Clarke in 1974, predicting the Internet and telecommuting. Strangely, he does not specifically mention the world's most advanced browser for PowerPC



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