Monday, March 4, 2013

Amnesia at 20

The 20 port is operational, but there is at least one critical bug, namely that the browser is not remembering saved tabs. This appears to have been caused by converting session restore to off-the-main-thread in bug 532150. Part of the problem is that 10.4 has a bogus copyfile(3), but even using the provided (slower) JavaScript-based fallback copy operation it still doesn't save tabs. I haven't had a lot of luck figuring out why.

The other problem actually existed in 19 as well; if you resize a window to be larger, you might get a flash of black or garbage until the repaint driver wakes up and redraws the window. This is merely a nuisance really, but it looks ugly, so I'm thinking of how to force the resize event to invalidate immediately.

Intel 17.0.2 users affected by the freeze bug, recently confirmed by Claudio, may wish to watch issue 209. Again, no ETA -- it's unsupported, remember?

More this weekend when I'm back from my business trip.

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