Monday, October 29, 2012

17.0 beta 2 and QTE v.116

17.0 beta 2 is out, available from (guess where?) the Downloads tab. I wanted to do some work on issue 187 first, since I suspect it is a simple issue, but it was more important to get this into your hands since there is security content in it. Please upgrade if you are still using beta 1.

The font fix has either completely repaired or significantly improved the situation of all those who have reported in. If you are experiencing missing text, "boxes" or weird fonts, please try this release. Fonts that are filtered by this fix are logged to so you can see what's going on, and the filtering only affects TenFourFox, not other apps on the system.

In addition, the new QuickTime Enabler v.116 is out for 17. There are no new features, but it fixes the jetpack SDK in use to avoid a potential security hazard. You should upgrade to 116 if you are using 17. Only use v.115 if you are still using 10.x.

Finally, we have German, French and Polish language packs in issue 61, and our new addition is Swedish. Please test the locale installer for your chosen language and give Chris feedback so we can have the language packs available on 17's launch day. 10.0.11, the final release of 10.x (I hope), will be built and made available the weekend of November 16; 17.0 will be out shortly after and made available to the public on November 20, just in time for us to give thanks for our bountiful Power Macintoshes.

In Mozilla news, Growl support gets a reprieve for Firefox 18 while we wait for XUL notifications to become a reality. I plan to support XUL notifications, since they will be more flexible than Growl and more future-proof, but until then we need Growl, and it looks like it will be still there for at least the next two releases. We'll see what happens with Fx19. Also, the patches currently landing for drawing browser content in the titlebar, which is a pre-requisite for Australis (the new Firefox interface), look like they will probably work fine with 10.4. More about that later; Australis is not likely to land for Mac anytime real soon.


  1. German langpack installer works on 17.0b1, but not 17.0b2, causing an XUL error at browser startup. Which means there was a change between the beta versions. I'll recreate the jar from the most recent FF17.0b3 and see what happens. The other installers do work, however, which makes the whole thing even more puzzling. This also means that the installers will have to be tested against 17.0 RC/final before they're put on the TFF website for public download.

  2. Frustrating, especially since strings are supposed to be frozen. I wonder what changed.

  3. The error message hints at some last minute change in social integration. The installer works now, I'll post it in issue 61 along with the (hopefully) release candidate for Swedish.


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