Saturday, October 6, 2012

10.0.8 available

10.0.8 is now available from the Downloads tab. Please give it a quick spin prior to release. It will be released to the stable branch audience on Tuesday. Only one more 10.0.x release to go!

There are no changesets for 10.0.8 because the 10.0.7 ones applied cleanly, and I have decided not to do any more backporting for this release. I might add issue 130 to 10.0.9, but I haven't decided yet, as it is a minor nuisance bug.

For the 17 beta, there will be a couple significant changes. More on that soon. Also, there will be a new QTE release for 17 with some fixes.


  1. Thank you for TenFourFox :)

    Any news about Classilla?

  2. I fixed the MDD's power supply last week and made a dent in the worklist over the weekend. Hoping for 9.3.1 in November.

    FYI, 10.0.8 is now final. There is one big bug I'm hoping to land in 17 before the beta comes out.


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