Sunday, August 12, 2012

Changesets for 15.0 available

Changesets for 15.0 are now available against mozilla-beta. Overall, although 15 had some trouble initially with Mozilla breaking us in some convoluted ways, almost all of that is either fixed or wallpapered. In addition, Ben has provided improved typed array code that combined with some microoptimizations is good enough to play the JavaScript version of Wolfenstein 3D lousy bastiches replaced the old <canvas> version with a WebGL one, so it won't run now at full speed on a G5 (which seems sad, but hey, with 10.4 you can play the 68K version in Classic ;) ). We are on schedule to deliver both 15.0 and 10.0.7 on time.

Job one is now to get to the next ESR, and I've decided we will skip 16 and go straight to 17-Aurora to ensure that we have enough cycles to get it working. After 15, there will be two or three 17 releases: definitely a 17 Aurora, maybe a 17 Beta, and then a 17-final which all stable users will be offered (so on the stable branch there will be 10.0.7, .8 and finally .9 to end our support of 10ESR). I will update the Roadmap with this information. Remember, builders, downstreamers and porters, even if we get 17 working with gcc 4.0.1, it will be the last version we support building with it (but assuming we do, it will be supported for the life of 17). More about that when I make a formal post about Judgment Day, which will occur when 18 hits Aurora.


  1. I installed your browser only to learn it doesn't support Flash videos or YouTube videos whatsoever. We are a media rich culture so this I found inexcusable along with the alleged work arounds you offered (YouTube HTML 5 enabling didn't work!). When I went to use my former Firefox browser, it was pretty much whacked and hacked up by your software. Thanks a lot!

    1. We don't support plugins, and we don't recommend people enable them. In fact, you can expect that dropping 10.5 support will probably have some ramifications on plugins, because Carbon plugins' days are numbered.

  2. Awesome! Make sure you buy a new Mac on your way out.

  3. im useing Tenfourfox 10.0.6 on my Dual 2GHz G5 and it works great soon i will be downgrading to a 400MHz G4 Running Leopard because i bought a Macpro for video editing and have to sell the g5 and if Tenfourfox runs like it did on my 450MHz G4 when i still had it it is still very useable and is fine as a everyday mac for web surfing(Yes i am useing the Flash hack html 5 is just to slow on the low end g4's the g5 is so far ok with html5 YT). I hope people realize you don't get paid for doing this and that you do it so we PPC users can have a Good up to date web browser Thanks for all your hard work!


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