Sunday, February 19, 2012

Server migration should be complete

As mentioned, finally is moved off its old, dear Apple Network Server 500 (as someone on 68KMLA calls it, the "end table server") and onto the POWER6. This mostly went okay except for a glitch in the webserver which caused some downtime this arvo, but I think all that is fixed. Please report if anything is still not working: you should only notice that it's faster (we went from a 200MHz 604e to a two-way SMT 4.2GHz POWER6, which is quite a leap ;).

There is already some work on 10.0.3pre to report, including a fix for black images that don't show up, enabling additional WebM decoder threads on multi-core systems, and an encore from Ben to squeak another 8% or so out of JavaScript regular expression performance. More on that soon. Now I'm going to go put the cat to bed and veg out with the rest of this pint of pralines and cream.


  1. I love this browser but there's one thing I'm having a bit of a trouble with. How can I view flash videos embedded in sites other than youtube? Is there some other app I can use to point to URLs of sites with embedded flash videos?

  2. No one application will work with all embedded video (flash or otherwise) on all sites. Your best bet for viewing .mp4 or .flv files on sites other than youtube in tenfourfox is the downloadhelper extension. Note that flash has to be installed for it to work. A small, spinning tri-colored icon will appear to the left to the address bar when it detects available video files available to download. You can download the file and play it back of course, however if you are impatient or pressed for time you can also copy the url of the video file by passing the cursor over the listed file you wish to download, this will bring up a submenu with several options including copy url. Selecting that will allow you to paste streaming video's url into Quicktime, Niceplayer, VLC etc, then you can stream said file. My ibook G4 (now history-logicboard just went) could handle up to 480p files with above apps, 720p playback required Coreplayer, a paid app (20 bucks).

    Flashvideoreplacer worked similarly, but with limited sites other than youtube.

    There is also viewtube greasemonkey script, it works with many sites with embedded video, but not all. It replaces flash with quicktime (embedded) and the latest script has a "fake" fullscreen option and works well in tenfourfox 10.

  3. Thanks for the response. Honestly, after what you posted about the security hole in Flash, I'm scared to use it at all on my Power Book G4. At this point I'm trying to figure out a way to ween myself off of it completely when using this laptop. That downloadhelper extension sounds pretty good but will I be able to access the video's url (to copy into VLC or whatever) without having Flash?

  4. Yes, it should work fine without Flash. For the record, I haven't used Flash at all since I turned it off in 6 (I eat my own dog food, and like you, attacks like this are freaky and I'd rather not be doing my banking on a system where an attack like that can be accomplished).

  5. One additional issue, and this is specific to YouTube. Unfortunately, when one has Flash disabled, YouTube automatically plays any video it can in HTML5. The problem is that HTML5 basically grinds my laptop to a halt. I've found an add-on called HTML5 Toggle that does exactly what you'd expect it to do, but it won't work with the newest versions of the browser. Is there any way for me to disable HTML5?


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