Tuesday, November 15, 2011

8.0.1 not planned

Mozilla is chemspilling 8.0.1 this week, probably today or tomorrow, to cover bug 699134 and bug 700835. Bug 699134 affects only Windows, and bug 700835 only affects the most current release of Java on 10.6 and 10.7, so neither is relevant to us.

As for the 9 beta, I am waiting for a couple issues to shake out. When Mozilla marks beta 2, then we will pull and port. On deck are some more AltiVec ports from Tobias and some infrastructure changes. The methodjit port continues and can compile simple expressions, but YARR behaves badly or crashes. Ben and I are investigating this in more detail, and the possibility of forcing a compiler update to gcc 4.2 is being considered if it turns out 4.0.1 miscompiles YARR on PPC as well. Methodjit is still slated optimistically for the Fx10 timeframe; it won't be in 10.4Fx 9.

Just for fun, because I am a Forth nerd, here is a beautiful implementation of Jonesforth written in pure PowerPC assembly language. It still runs perfectly on 10.4.

Stay tuned for the 9 beta!


  1. The only issue I have with 8 is that some downloads won't work. I click to download something - like some free mp3s from NoiseTrade or a PDF file or even a redirected url download (like from SourceForge/etc) - but nothing happens. Sometimes, I can click save link as..., but one time, it only gave me the choice to download an index.html file. So, I don't know if that's a bug or what.

    Also, though it is super low priority, a new icon would be great.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I have not observed that download issue personally. If you can provide a URL where it consistently happens, please open an issue (once you have verified it does NOT occur in regular Firefox 8) and I will look into it.

  3. Here's a quick example - I'm not sure if it works in regular Firefox 8 or not. I will check. It seems to be with PHP scripts and other download referral type scripts:


    I clicked on the PPC download, and nothing happens.

    Now if I do click "Save Link As...", it does allow me to download the file. I even tried unselecting Block Pop Up Windows, thinking it may want to open up a small download window or something. No change. Weird.

  4. Clicking on the PPC download works perfectly for me from that site -- it offers to save the file, and then does so. I'd make sure that it's not silently downloading it already; look in your Downloads window (Cmd-J). You should also make sure that "Show the Downloads window when downloading a file is checked" if you expect the Downloads window to automatically appear (under Preferences > General).

  5. Yes, it seems to work on Firefox 8 for Windows (from my office). And I did check those things - it did not download. I've had this happen on some other sites too, so I will keep looking for examples. I've checked my Add-ons too to make sure I don't have something that might be interfering.

  6. I can't reproduce it either. Can you try the download link with a completely fresh Firefox profile (or OS X user account)?

  7. Got it working - bad profile.

    But now it won't let me post a comment here. Trying from Safari at the moment.

  8. No idea what has happened, but from TenFourFox, I can't post a comment. It won't log me in to Google (though I am already logged in). It just sends me write back to the Post a Comment form, empty.

  9. You might want to allow third-party cookies.


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