Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Decisions on 7.0

6.0r is mostly a success, with the majority of users pretty happy with the improvements. We do finally have a reduced test case for issue 84 (the table rendering problem which was reported by some users), but I don't have a cause for it yet since my debugging was limited to what I could do pretending to buy stuff at Starbucks and hiding in the back leeching off the WiFi. With this smaller and fully independent test case I hope to be able to do a more work to that end on the debugging G5. I'm also thinking about grabbing 5.0.1 and making a internal-only build to see if the bug was there too.

On the Floodgap connectivity front, AT&T should hopefully have the T1's NID in by the end of this week, if DSL Extreme's rollout schedule is in any way accurate. Then it's just a matter of running the line into the server room and getting the CSU/DSU up, and we should be good.

Once the T1 is in and we're back in business, I intend to start on Fx7 immediately, which as I mentioned earlier is mostly done already due to Tobias' hard advance work. If it's not, then we might try the emergency repo trick again that we used for 6.0 final, but I'm really nervous about a beta that's going to have no testing at all except for what Tobias himself has done, and I won't have full Mercurial history for debugging. Either way, I intend to deal with this no later than the end of the month. I am hoping to land a few riskier fixes such as a putative fix for issue 72, and put issue 78 to rest at the same time; I also have an idea to deal with user reports of intermittent and inconsistent JavaScript-related crashes, but naturally such bugs intrinsically lack stable test cases and the fix is a bit drastic, so I haven't decided if I'm going to try it or not. (I do have the fix written up, but without a test case, I have no idea if it actually accomplishes what I think it does.)


  1. Word is that Mozilla won't release FF 7 because they're abandoning version numbering altogether. It's now just the "latest version". What do we make of this? Or was it a hoax?

  2. It wasn't a hoax and a bug was actually filed to do the work, but the pushback was pretty dramatic and the idea was (at least temporarily) abandoned. Another failed attempt to out-Chrome Chrome, which is getting pretty exasperating IMHO.

  3. Lovely news on your new ISP. Let's hope your 'new best friend' will be able to deliver where your last 'new best friend' didn't. :)


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