Saturday, July 30, 2011 temporarily offline starting 31 July

Starting tomorrow, Floodgap and all domains hosted on it (including will go dark thanks to my new business ISP, Time Warner, who promised me two weeks for the buildout which has since ballooned into four weeks, beyond my contract with my current provider. Allegedly the buildout will be complete by the end of next week; during that time and will be dark, but you can still access the Google Code project and this blog, of course. E-mail sent during this time will fail over to my mail peer, but I will not be able to receive it until I'm back online.

I apologize for the downtime and I'll be happy to post the rep's cell number if this takes longer than a week, since I have a signed contract with them and I'm pretty steamed.


  1. Apropos of nothing more than a simple expression of empathy at your predicament.

    I moved several months ago, and was informed - under existing contract - that it would take 2-3 weeks to get a line in. This promptly rolled over into a month; a further two weeks to troubleshoot a copper wiring fault before point of entry; an additional week and a half to instal FTTC in a bid to circumnavigate a decrepit and overburdened exchange; and three more weeks to get the job signed off so that the service could be adequately configured - from overseas, no less.

    The culprit ? BT.

    Gold standard of service ? Infinty ? Like Midas in reverse.

  2. Thanks. The moral of the story is, all ISPs are liars. :P


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