Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beta 11 released!

Go get it!

As promised, the key grab is JavaScript acceleration now enabled for all platforms. If you get weirdness, check it by turning javascript.options.tracejit.content to false (and preferably restarting your browser). If that fixes it, report the site. Note that because the nanojit stores traces in memory for future cache hits, memory usage in this beta will be higher -- expect it. If this is a serious issue for your memory impaired system, turn that pref off as well. I also threw in a little helper for Gopher addicts like me, did some work on the title bar, and tried to work on the widget code a bit to help windows sort better.

Mozilla has, IMHO unadvisedly, decided to do some late-breaking significant interface changes. These changes are only partially in beta 11; the most noticeable is the status notation at the lower left during network exchanges a la Chrome. This is fine, no worries, and even welcome. However, Mozilla is planning to redo the location bar and remove the hovered URL, restoring it to its former location or something approximating that, and all that just as I'd gotten used to it in its current place. I suspect this will confuse users all over again who, like me, had become accustomed to the current layout; adding insult to injury, for whatever reason this does not seem to have made the cutoff for b11, and that's not a good thing either because the inevitable screaming about this needs to be dealt with early and not reserved for beta 12 (or 13). Nevertheless, expect some alteration in the next beta.

Mozilla is getting better about their time-based delivery and their estimates are becoming more accurate as the formal release nears shipping (I estimate mid-March). The big question is if there will be a beta 13. If there will not be, then we will release beta 12 and go formal. If there will be a beta 13, we will skip 12, release 13, and go formal. Heaven help us if there's a 14.

For builders, changesets will be up later tonight or tomorrow morning.


  1. Beta 11 G3 nanojit test results
    PowerBook G3 (Pismo), 400 MHz, 768 MB RAM
    Mac OS X v10.4.11

    10.4Fx b11 with nanojit
    Peacekeeper: 323 points
    Dromaeo (all JS tests): 17.06runs/s (Total)
    Sunspider 0.9: 9272.0ms ±0.4%

    Safari 4.1.3
    Peacekeeper: 287 points
    Dromaeo (all JS tests): 8.50runs/s (Total)
    Sunspider 0.9: 17841.8ms ±0.


    Beta 11 G4 nanojit test results
    PowerBook G4 (Aluminium), 1333 MHz, 2048 MB RAM
    Mac OS X v10.5.8

    10.4Fx b11 with nanojit
    Peacekeeper: 1023 points*
    Dromaeo (all JS tests): 48.59runs/s (Total)
    Sunspider 0.9: 3241.4ms +/- 1.2%

    Safari 5.0.3
    Peacekeeper: 977 points
    Dromaeo (all JS tests): 24.48runs/s (Total)
    Sunspider 0.9: 5673.6 ms ±0.4%

    *Average value. Single runs vary considerably (1001 to 1046). What gives?

  2. There's probably a caching component at work here, but I don't have a good answer.

  3. In addition to the plugin fragmenting on scroll bug which is in the issue list, there is also an issue of drop down menus not drawing over the plugin area. See for an example - hover on "Services"

  4. Plugin drawing is pretty hackish right now, and because of the EOL of most PPC-compatible plugins, is likely to get worse. I intend to try to fix many of the glaring bugs at least during 4.0.x (see "Plugins unplugged"), but some may not be amenable with the new graphics stack, for better or worse.

  5. Hmm, still waiting for Mozilla to post the beta-11 sources so I can build it... anxious to try it and upgrade in fink...

  6. Why not just do a quick hg pull? You'll probably get some post-signoff noise, but you could restrict it to the official changeset in the release wiki build notes.

  7. I tried to leave a note before, but it didn't seem to have worked. I'm leaving it here because the Help/Feeback choice sends me to the Mozilla site, which complains that I'm not running the latest Firefox -- correct, I'm running the beta 11 TenFourFox7450.

    And therein was the problem. I had to downgrade to beta 9 after many times having the spinning beach ball appear, for 2 or 3 minutes at a time. It often popped up as I was switching tabs. Often, the new little status line in the lower left showed a connection to a third web site. I have also occasionally had the problem with a G5 build of TenFourFox, but not so severely.

  8. This isn't the place for bug reports; you can leave them on the Google Code site:

    However, a generic concern over slowness unfortunately is likely to be closed -- there's nowhere I can go with the report since it's not something I can reproduce. If you're able to give me consistent steps to reproduce, I can investigate, but I use TenFourFox daily on my G5 and my iBook G4 (7450), so I have no way to reproduce what you're seeing. I'd need something firmer to go on than what you're stating. Feel free to post an issue if you can be a bit more explicit about the circumstances under which it occurs.

  9. >I tried to leave a note before,
    >but it didn't seem to have worked.
    I'm pretty sure there would be more comments here if blogspot didn't make it so hard to post them. Trying to post via Google Account with anything other than Safari does not work. I haven't figured out yet why after "Post Comment" I keep ending up on this (empty) form page instead of Google's login page (Adblock etc. disabled, no use).

    Third try with Safari is going to work now, I bet.

  10. How odd. I obviously eat my own dog food, and I don't seem to have any trouble on my quad G5 or my iBook G4 (using a Google Account). I wonder if it's something related to cookies or some such.

  11. Good day and thanks for all of your work on TenFourFox. I've been quite enjoying it for a bit now.

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I've had a couple oddities happening (to be expected in beta software, for sure), but was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or if you even notice the same behavior at all?:

    If you go to the Home Depot home page, there's a drop-down/fly-out main navigation menu above the large Flash graphic. In TenFourFox, the menu keeps going behind the graphic and is not usable. It works correctly in Safari 5.0.3 and Firefox 3.6.13.

    Is that an issue with TFF, my own settings, or the Web page itself? (Side note: I also started in Safe Mode to disable my add-on [just Ad-Blocker] to see if that would have any effect. It didn't.)

    Additionally, I've seen a few Web pages whose text ended up being displayed as squares in TFF (I don't remember which pages at the moment -- I'd have to find a couple again and repost).

    Thank you very much!

  12. The issue of plugins appearing over/under web page content is known, and is likely to be altered by several Mozilla bugs planned to land by beta 12. Notice I didn't say fixed, because I don't know if these will fix them. However, because plugins are now deprecated, I will only be fixing serious bugs in plugin support through 10.4Fx 4. You might want to install Flashblock so that the Flash applet is masked and can be turned on and off at will; using Flashblock I have had no such difficulty.

    The squares are due to characters not available in fonts you have installed. The set of pages on which these appear is different than 3.6 because 4.0 uses Harfbuzz for font rendering, not ATSUI or CoreText (although Fx4 can use it as a fallback, 10.4Fx cannot), and Harfbuzz does not (yet) understand AAT. As Harfbuzz improves, so will this. On such pages, be sure your text encoding is set correctly.

  13. First... "Thank you!" for TenFourFox. I now use it on G4 iBook (OS X 10.4.11) and my PPC G5 (OS X 10.5.8).

    I have noticed on some pages that some text is displayed as small rectangles with four numbers in each of the boxes.

    Here is an example:
    I know that it is real text (Verdana) and other text on the page displays correctly.

    Does the comment above apply here as well?


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