Friday, January 21, 2011

Their betas go to 11

Mozilla wants to freeze beta 10 this Friday and push it out next week, then freeze beta 11 the Friday of next week, and push beta 11 out the week after that (see this announcement). Besides my moment to say I told you so, two back-to-back betas in as many weeks is not good use of our more limited resources. If Mozilla pushes out beta 10 on schedule, which may in fact happen based on some of the rumblings I hear around Mountain View, then we will sit out beta 10 and go to beta 11. If beta 10 is delayed longer than next week, we will continue with beta 10. Watch this space or


  1. FYI, the latest version of Firefox 4.0b10pre compiled from official source works fine on PPC! (at least the version I downloaded from Arabic/Indic text appears to render properly as well.

  2. Excellent that there are other options! Arabic/Indic text works on the official sources because they use CoreText for AAT. We don't have that luxury on 10.4 (10.4's private CoreText isn't that sophisticated, even though I do use a set of headers I reverse-engineered for some basic function), so we have to rely on HarfBuzz's capability. HarfBuzz will probably support Arabic pretty soon, and gradually other scripts.

    In the meantime, I'm hoping to expand TenFourFox's ability to exploit the PowerPC better. Now that the nanojit will be a standard part of 10.4Fx, this will enable us to get even better performance.

  3. Just as a follow up to this, we're going to beta 11. Not sure of the ETA.


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