Friday, August 24, 2012

10.0.7 available

Je suis a bit fromaged off at Mozilla for, after nearly 24 hours of nothing and releasing apparently deceptive notes from their channel triage meeting that seemed to indicate they were ready to go to build on the evening of 8/22, landing two more bugs after that on esr10. Naturally I had already pulled before then.

Review of the two bugs indicates one minor one, and the other one actually broke the tree at least once and is being watched for fallout on the ESR branch. This does not sound appropriate to land on the tree so late, I'm not going to go through 8 hours of rebuild for a minor issue and an issue that may cause us to rebuild later, both of which were in 10.x all along, and neither one appears to in and of themselves have a security impact. We will pick this up with any rebuild and/or scheduled 10.0.8.

Please try 10.0.7 on your system(s). It will become final on Monday.


  1. just found tenfourfox. better late than never! thank you so much.

  2. Anyone feel that the G4 7450 version runs much slower than previous versions? I have a powerbook g4 1.67 with 2GB of RAM


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